The upper living area.
1. The living room has 77qm and the floor is covered with marble. The dining area has a direct access to the kitchen.
2. The kitchen has 14 sqm and is designed with a granite floor. There is a kitchen unit in a European style.
3. The bedroom has about 38 square meters, incl. Bathroom and dressing room. A sliding door leads to the bathroom. Through a double glass door to get 8qm Onto a small terrace. Here you have a beautiful view of the garden and the sun rise over the mountains. The floors in synthesis areas are designed with thick teak parquet.
4. The guest room has 14 square meters and is Mainly used as a computer room. Again, performs a double glass door to a small terrace. Ground floor. The associated bathroom is accessible from the living area.
The lower living area
Under the house shoulderstand first nothing happened and 2013; we have Decided to expand below. The reasons were complex. It partitions were pulled out of stone and aluminum windows. Plastered, painted, installed lighting and outlets and the tiled floor. This created a Further 160 squaremeters of living space for kennels, workshop, washing and drying room, large living room, and bamboo furniture. Down here, we like to keep for us. It is always a pleasant temperature