In January 2011, we purchased the land (ca.6000qm). It was a cornfield with a muddy pond. In mid-April 2011, the groundbreaking ceremony was held. Main house, guest house, garden, electrical, water supply and pond with waterfall were our own designs. It was a combination of Thai and European style. The house was placed on concrete pillars, so that under the house a habitable surface built of about 160 square meters, for workshops, kennel, storage, laundry room and additional living space. In the back of a wooden staircase leads to the kitchen. Over a wide staircase (ca.2,20 m) reached via the pavilion the living area. A carport for 2 cars was created. A fountain (45m depth) delivers groundwater, which provides a water treatment system drinking water quality. A pond with a waterfall and fish has been created.
Only after 6 months, the end of October in the same year we could move.
The ghost houses and the main building were dedicated to the Thai tradition to necromancers and monks.